LLC Annual Fees by State in 2023: Compare and Save with Our Complete Guide!

LLC Annual Fees by State

As a business owner, one of the crucial aspects of running your business is ensuring that your LLC (Limited Liability Company) remains compliant with the state laws. One of the most critical requirements for maintaining an LLC in good standing is to pay the annual fees imposed by the state government. The amount of annual fees varies from state to state and can significantly impact your business’s finances. Therefore, understanding the annual fees for LLCs in your state is essential to keep your business running smoothly and legally.

In this comprehensive report, we will provide you with the most up-to-date information on LLC annual fees by state for the year 2023. Our research includes all 50 states and will cover the fees for initial registration, annual reports, and other state-specific fees that LLCs may be required to pay. Whether you are a new business owner looking to start an LLC or an existing business owner who needs to renew their LLC’s registration, this report will give you a complete overview of the LLC annual fees by state for 2023.

What is the LLC Filling Fee?

The LLC filing fee is a mandatory fee that must be paid when registering a Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is a one-time fee that is typically paid when filing the Articles of Organization with the state. The filing fee can vary depending on the state where the LLC is being registered, and it can range from as low as $40 to as high as $500.

What is the LLC Annual Fee?

An LLC Annual Fee is a mandatory payment that LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) are required to make to the state government every year to maintain their status as a legal business entity. The amount of the annual fee varies from state to state, and the fees collected are used by the state government to cover administrative costs related to maintaining LLC records and enforcing state business laws.

LLC Annual Fees can include various charges, such as an initial registration fee, a fee for filing annual reports, and other state-specific fees. The fees and requirements for maintaining LLCs can differ significantly from state to state, and it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations to ensure your LLC remains in good standing.

LLC Annual Fees are a critical aspect of running an LLC, and failing to pay them can result in penalties, fines, or even the loss of your LLC’s legal status. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the requirements for LLC Annual Fees in your state and ensure that you make the necessary payments on time to maintain your LLC’s compliance with state law.

LLC Annual Fees by State (as of 2023):

State LLCLLC Filing FeeLLC Annual Fee
Alabama LLC$200$50 minimum
Alaska LLC$250$100
Arizona LLC$50$0
Arkansas LLC$45$150
California LLC$70$800 + $20
Colorado LLC$50$10
Connecticut LLC$120$80
Delaware LLC$90$300
Florida LLC$125$138.75
Georgia LLC$100$50
Hawaii LLC$50$15
Idaho LLC$100$0
Illinois LLC$150$75
Indiana LLC$95$30
Iowa LLC$50$30
Kansas LLC$160$50
Kentucky LLC$40$15
Louisiana LLC$100$35
Maine LLC$175$85
Maryland LLC$100$300
Massachusetts LLC$500$500
Michigan LLC$50$25
Minnesota LLC$155$0
Mississippi LLC$50$0
Missouri LLC$50$0
Montana LLC$70$35
Nebraska LLC$105$10
Nevada LLC$425$350
New Hampshire LLC$100$100
New Jersey LLC$125$75
New Mexico LLC$50$0
New York LLC$200$9
North Carolina LLC$125$200
North Dakota LLC$135$50
Ohio LLC$99$0
Oklahoma LLC$100$25
Oregon LLC$100$100
Pennsylvania LLC$125$70
Rhode Island LLC$150$50
South Carolina LLC$110$0
South Dakota LLC$150$50
Tennessee LLC$300$300 minimum
Texas LLC$300$0 for most LLCs
Utah LLC$54$18
Vermont LLC$125$35
Virginia LLC$100$50
Washington LLC$200$60
Washington DC LLC$99$300
West Virginia LLC$100$25
Wisconsin LLC$130$25
Wyoming LLC$100$60 minimum

LLC Annual Fees by State FAQs

What is an LLC annual fee?

An LLC annual fee is a fee that LLCs must pay each year to maintain their legal status and operate as a business entity.

How much are LLC annual fees?

LLC annual fees vary by state, with fees ranging from $0 to several hundred dollars per year.

When do I have to pay my LLC annual fee?

The due date for LLC annual fees varies by state, but most are due annually, usually on the anniversary of the LLC’s formation.

What happens if I don’t pay my LLC annual fee?

If you don’t pay your LLC annual fee, your LLC may become inactive or even dissolved by the state. You may also be subject to penalties and fines.

Can I deduct my LLC annual fee on my taxes?

Yes, LLC annual fees are deductible as a business expense on your tax return.

Do I have to pay an LLC annual fee if my business is not making any money?

Yes, LLCs are required to pay annual fees regardless of their revenue or profitability.

How do I know how much my state’s LLC annual fee is?

You can check with your state’s Secretary of State or other governing agency to find out the current LLC annual fee in your state.

Are LLC annual fees the same for all states?

No, LLC annual fees vary by state, with some states having no annual fee at all.

Can I pay my LLC annual fee online?

Yes, many states allow LLC annual fees to be paid online through their Secretary of State website or other online payment portals.

Can I be exempt from paying LLC annual fees?

There are some circumstances where an LLC may be exempt from paying annual fees, such as if it is a nonprofit organization or a small business with low revenue. However, these exemptions vary by state and may have specific eligibility requirements.


In conclusion, this comprehensive report on LLC Annual Fees by State in 2023 provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a valuable resource to navigate the complex landscape of state LLC fees. The data and insights presented here highlight the significant variations in annual fees across states, emphasizing the importance of careful research and planning when forming or maintaining an LLC.

By taking advantage of the information provided in this report, LLC owners can save time, money, and effort in complying with state regulations and maintaining their business entity in good standing. Whether you’re a startup or an established LLC, understanding the annual fees required by your state is crucial for avoiding penalties, maintaining legal compliance, and maximizing your profits.

Overall, this report underscores the importance of staying informed and up-to-date on the LLC Annual Fees by State, as the fees can vary widely depending on the state of incorporation. Armed with this knowledge, LLC owners can make informed decisions about their business structure and avoid costly mistakes in the long run. So, don’t hesitate to use this report as a resource and take advantage of the valuable insights it provides.

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